Top 10 Bike GPS Units in 2014

Whether you ride for fun, or whether you ride in a serious endeavor to keep fit, a bike GPS unit is almost as important as the bike itself. You can get so much information about the distance you have travelled, your heart rate, the amount of calories burned, and even things like the amount of ascent and descent that has been involved, that the first time you use one you will wonder how you ever managed without it before.

Here is our list of the top bike GPS units, together with their functions. In some cases, there are YouTube videos available and we have provided a link to these where appropriate.
Garmin Edge 500 Cycling GPS

This unit attaches very easily to the crossbar or the handlebars of your bike with a low profile bike mount. It measures your speed, distance, time, calories burned, and also has a barometric altimeter to pinpoint changes in elevation. You can also pair it with a Garmin heart rate monitor, and it will track your heart beats per minute.

In addition, there is a Courses feature which allows you to compare rides over the same route. Once you have completed your ride, you can connect it to your computer and analyse your ride. You can also join a network of cyclists worldwide through Garmin Connect.

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Garmin Edge 200 GPS-Enabled Bike Computer

The Garmin Edge 200 utilises a “hot fix“ satellite prediction which calculates your position much faster. It also has an automatic pause feature so that it stops at the time when you are not moving, and then automatically restarts it when you get going again. Garmin say that whether you ride for fun, fitness, or to feed your competitive instinct, this unit will give you all the information that you need.

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Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS-Enabled Sport Watch

This is a watch that performs much of the same functions as the foregoing Garmin units. The difference is that you cannot only use it for cycling, you can also use it for running or for swimming. Again, it will track your time, speed, distance, elevation, and heart rate. It is water resistant to 50 m and has a battery life of 20 hours. You can also set up the 910XT to give you a vibration alert when it is time to take nutrition or if you need feedback to help you with your goals.

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Garmin Edge 510 GPS Bike Computer with Heart Rate Monitor and GSC 10 Speed/Cadence Sensor

The Edge 510 supports five heart rate zones and seven power zones. It has a 2.2 inch touch screen and simple user interface which enables you to access all your information quickly. it provides a tremendous amount of information including your heart rate, cadence, speed, distance, elevation, time, and location.

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Garmin Edge 800 GPS-Enabled Cycling Computer

This is a larger version of the Garmin Edge 500, with the added benefit of a touch screen. It is sensitive enough to respond to your tap even if you have cycling gloves on. The bright display is readable in all types of lighting incorporates a system of maps which mean that all you have to do is select your destination and the unit will give you turn by turn instructions.

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Garmin Edge 810 GPS Bike Computer

This is an even bigger version of the Garmin Edge 800 described above. In addition to all the features of the 800 it also has social network sharing capabilities and provides weather updates as well.

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Garmin Edge 705 GPS-Enabled Cycling Computer

This model has now been discontinued by the manufacturer, but there are still some available on Amazon. It has a very easily readable colour display which can be seen in strong sunlight. Garmin also claim that it holds its signal under trees or near very tall buildings.

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Sigma Sport ROX 10.0 GPS Set

This model has a 1.7 inch LCD display and provides all the information that the Garmin models do along with a lap counter and temperature display. It offers route navigation along a previously cycled route or set route, and you can also set waypoints if you wish to mark places of interest along the way.

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Garmin Edge 205 GPS-Enabled Cycling Computer

This model is lightweight and very easy to use. You can set up to 8 different data fields for continuous feedback. You can also set it so that you have a digital competitor and the screen will show you how far ahead of, or how far behind that competitor you are.

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