Top 10 Bike Trunk Bags in 2014

Whether you use your bike for commuting, going shopping, or just going out on lazy days of rides into the countryside, there is always “stuff” that you need to carry. It might be a laptop to take to the office, shopping that you need to bring home, or picnic gear (together with a bottle of wine, or a few beers) for those lazy days in the country.

There is a huge choice of bike trunk bags available, and your selection will depend on what you need to carry. Here are some of the top bags available, ranging from high end to budget. We have included some links to YouTube videos where applicable.
Sunlite Toploader 2 Rack Bag total 1800ci with Fold Out Panniers.

This is a two rack bag with a total capacity of 1,800 cubic inches. It has a padded main compartment, with an overall total of five compartments. It is manufactured from water resistant 600 Denier polyester, so the contents won’t get wet when it rains. It has fold out panniers, and includes a shoulder strap. Mounts to the rack with Velcro strips. It also fits almost all bike racks.
Ibera PakRak Bicycle Quick-Release Commuter Trunk Bag

The Quick Release trunk bag can be removed from the rack in just three seconds, and has a padded shoulder strap for carrying.

The main compartment has room for a small laptop, books, cycling gear, or tools and is padded so that the contents don’t get damaged. It has reflective strips and a rear light hanger for safety at night. However, note that the mounting system is only compatible with certain Ibera racks.

YouTube video link:
MTX Trunk Bag EX By Topeak

This has a 480 cubic inch capacity and features Topeak’s Quicktrack release system. The moulded panels are protective, but also water resistant. It features one divided main compartment, with two mesh side compartments. It has a Teflon coating for total water resistance. Reflective strips and a rear light mount make for safety after dark. It also has bungees on the top for additional capacity.

YouTube video link:
Ibera PakRak Bicycle Seat Post Commuter Rack and Quick-Release Bag

This bike trunk bag is mounted to the seat post, rather than a bike rack, which obviates the need to buy a rack. Good thinking! Obviously, it won’t take very heavy loads. It has a quick release mounting system, a detachable shoulder strap, and a carry strap. It also features two side pockets, a rear pocket, a top pouch with a bungee, reflective strips, and a mount for a tail light.

YouTube video link:
Avenir Excursion Rack-Top Bag (830 Cubic Inches)

This has 830 cubic inches of storage space, and is made from 600 denier polyester. The main compartment is fully insulated in order to keep food and drinks cool. It has two outer pockets, and reflective strips, together with a mount for a rear light. It mounts to the bike rack with Velcro strips.

YouTube video link:
MTX Trunk Bag EX With Rigid Moulded Panels

Another version of Topeak’s MTX trunk bag. It has a divided main compartment with rigid moulded panels, and uses the Quicktrack mounting system. There are bungees on top to add additional items.

YouTube video link:
Bushwhacker Mesa Trunk Bag

This is another bike trunk bag made from 600 denier polyester. It has a fully insulated and padded interior to keep your contents safe from damage, and cool when it’s hot. Reflective trim and a rear light clip make for safety after dark.
Axiom Robson LX Trunk Bag (Black and Grey)

This bike trunk bag has a large amount of space, together with a storage compartment with reflective thermal lining in order to keep food and drinks cool. Dropdown panniers at the sides provide extra storage. 3M REFLEX Axiom logos on the sides and rear make for extra safety at night.

YouTube video link:
Goodboys Black Multi-functional Bicycle Rear Seat Trunk Bag

This is a small bike trunk bag that features a main compartment, three insert pockets, and a pocket to store a bottle. It has reflective strips and carry straps. Small, but only $14 on Amazon.

YouTube video link:
Roswheel Bicycle cycling Frame Pannier

Another very inexpensive entry level bike trunk bag. Very easy to mount, and has top bungees. It has what is described as an “inside sandwich layer” to protect small items. It has a reflective strip and a carry handle, as well as an adjustable shoulder strap. All for under $16.


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